A Better Way to Separate

Do you realise that your relationship has actually ended, even though you continue to play happy families to the outside world? Are you sure living this way is best for you, your partner and your family?

Hi I’m Alvia from Act4Tomorrow and today I share about being separated under the same roof. Many people I speak to tell me their separation actually happened many months sometimes years prior to the actual date they finally called it a day. And if they had their time again, wished they’d acted sooner.

From sleeping in the spare room after a row, to sleeping in the spare room permanently. Many couples even share the same bed for years without intimacy or even a semblance of love. In these cases, the couples are estranged and faking happy families for the children or others. But continuing like this has a negative impact that is often left unacknowledged:

Living under the cloud of sadness and in an unhappy relationship, can be contributed to illnesses from depression to cancer.

Finances are linked together until you achieve a financial separation so excessive spending, increased debt or syphoning of funds by your partner impacts directly on you.

Staying for the children is not necessarily in their best interest, the dysfunctional relationship is your example of normal. They’ll also be impacted by the emotional baggage that you’ll collect in this situation.

Regret after you finally act. Once through the separation, you will regret the loss of time, wasting years and years which can never be recovered

Leaving may seem too hard to do, but the relief is even greater.
If you need help to move towards the scary first step of saying it’s over, then be sure to get in touch. And make sure you watch our Practical and Essential tips when breaking up video to be prepared.

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